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CHT03 Barrow (Utqiaġvik) Day Tour from Fairbanks

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CHT03 Barrow (Utqiaġvik) Day Tour from Fairbanks

You are invited to join us for this small group experience to the northernmost Inupiat community of Utqiaġvik,formerly known as Barrow. Utqiaġvik is situated 1,300 miles south of the North Pole, making it the northernmost community in the United States. Two-thirds of its approximately 4,500 residents are of Inupiat Eskimo descent. The local culture is an interesting mix of traditional lifestyles influenced by community investments from the profits of the Alaskan Pipeline. Utqiaġvik (Barrow) was originally a whaling community, and tours of Utqiaġvik combine cultural and educational activities with wildlife viewing and tundra exploration. Visitors can learn more about Inupiat culture and history at the Inupiat Heritage Center, or by visiting during the Nalukataq - the traditional spring whaling festival, usually held in June. The majority of Utqiaġvik tours take place between mid-May and mid-September, when average daytime temperatures are in the 40s. Keep in mind that average nighttime temperatures only creep above freezing in July and August. In winter, the community endures 65 days of darkness, while during summer it enjoys 82 days of perpetual sunlight.

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Your arctic tour starts with the flight from Fairbanks at 8 AM, north across the Arctic Circle, to Coldfoot where you’ll stopover and stretch your legs. Pick up lunch (not included) at the Coldfoot Camp Trucker’s Café and continue your flight to the ancient Inupiat Eskimo village of Utqiaġvik (Barrow). Arrive in Barrow at noon where you tour guide will welcome you at the airport.
Join this morning a guided tour of the village which brings you to have a close peek into the lifestyles of Alaska's Arctic Coastal peoples. Meet the Inupiat Eskimo people while enjoying a cultural program presented by volunteers sharing their culture with visitors. The Inupiat Heritage center houses cultural and historical artifacts that depict the Inupiat heritage. The center’s permanent exhibit, created with community collaboration, details Inupiat contributions to the development of the worldwide whaling industry. Activities at the center include public arts and crafts demonstrations along with cultural performances, such as traditional games, drumming, dancing and the Blanket Toss Festival. Your sightseeing tour of Barrows continuous to the Arctic Ocean. You may see snowy owls, eider ducks and others of the 230 bird species which summer here. Enjoy a walk on the tundra and permafrost near the northernmost point on the North American Continent. Stand in a whale bone arch and inside the skeletal jaws of a bowhead whale on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. If you are brave, you can dip your toe in the frigid waters! At 2 PM, you’ll depart Utqiaġvik for Fairbanks. Arrive in Fairanks between 6 –7 PM.


Weather in Alaska's Arctic can and does affect flying conditions. Weather may require alteration of a portion or all of the scheduled tour itinerary.
Due to the variable conditions on the Arctic Coast, the Utqiaġvik Expedition includes a built-in weather alternate. If current or forecast weather conditions do not allow us to land at Utqiaġvik we visit another village, Anaktuvuk Pass. If weather does not allow us to land at Utqiaġvik or Anaktuvuk Pass, we visit the communities of Coldfoot & Wiseman. The price differentiation follows:
Anaktuvuk Pass --- $599 / person
Coldfoot/Wiseman --- $569 / person
It is very important that guests understand these alternatives and are aware that these are built-in to the experience. If the above mentioned alternative scenario is not consistent with what one is looking for in a tour experience, the Utqiaġvik Expedition is NOT the appropriate choice.
Should weather require an overnight stay, guest is responsible for cost of accommodations.

Rates in US $ / per Person
Day tour to Utqiaġvik per Adult
--- Update: We are very sorry, this tour will no longer be offered in 2023 ----

What’s included

Round trip scenic flight to Utqiaġvik (Barrow)

Guided Tour of Utqiaġvik

All Taxes and Fees

Tour Departures

Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday,  Saturday

Marc, FL: We flew to Barrow and didn't know what to expect regarding our tour as my wife booked it. We were pleasantly surprised when our local tour guide picked us up from Barrow airport. We had time for lunch and then we were off for an entertaining afternoon. Growing up there, he is very knowledgable about the history and the people. Lots of stops for pics. We saw snowy owls, touched the Arctic Ocean, felt the squishy tundra and were permitted to watch a native woman preparing seals for her family's winter survival. Great to hear a very personal account of life in Barrow, of the culture and history of the northern most town. Visiting Barrow was one of my favorite stops during out two week vacation in Alaska!